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Thomas J. Kane

Associate With People That Inspire You

Associate With People That Inspire You

You become like the people you hang out with. If the people around you aren’t jiving at a forward and upward speed towards goals, objectives, and dreams and you want to achieve yours, you might have to find new people.

I have had to remove a lot of energy-draining people from my life. When you are a super happy, fun-loving kind of person, the energy vampires consider you a prime target due to your open friendliness. Know when to look out for people who are just using you and never give anything back, vs. people who are struggling to make it on their own and haven’t asked for anything but could use a push.

Ever had that teacher, friend, partner, family member, or boss who just thought your ideas, dreams, or goals were dumb and condescendingly let you know on a daily basis through passive-aggressive comments, sneering, jokes, and eventually grew into them disagreeing with just about every single thing you do or say? You can no longer do anything right and the more they criticize you the harder it becomes to actually do anything right.

You have to be careful with this one because sometimes we think someone is criticizing us when it’s actually just our low self-esteem or lack of confidence being manifested into a reality of our own.

But sometimes, the other person is literally just being a prick.

Surrounding yourself with good people is important. If the people you separated from want to follow in your footsteps, they will. If not, then you are better off.

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