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Thomas J. Kane


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About Thomas J. Kane

By the age of 42 now I have over 25,000 hours in content writing mastery and Google Advertising/SEO and have worked with over 480 different industries, had amazing mentors, SEO & PPC corporate team leader at, managed over $37M dollars in advertising spend since 2007 for multiple companies and spent over $1M in A/B testing, created landing pages, sales funnels and massive PPC campaigns for the USA’s #1 automotive leads provider, helped expand a global e-commerce business from 5 English sites to 122 sites in 30 countries in 7 languages, owned two #1 top-ranked SEO companies, in both Arizona & Kansas.

I run an online advertising service for Montana, Kansas, Arizona & Florida businesses, as well as manage large campaigns for online national stores and services.

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