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Thomas J. Kane

Concentrate On What You Do Best

Concentrate On What You Do Best

I’m going over my taxes and books and it’s like a nightmare, lol. So many accounts to sort through. I am not a bookkeeper nor an accountant. I spent ALL my energy and time becoming great at what I do for a living.

In my business, many people, usually, have NO CLUE what to do when it comes to advertising or SEO. They don’t understand it, they don’t want to, and they even hate the idea of having to think about it; they just want someone who (amazing referrals don’t hurt either) walks up, takes their hands, and says “here is the light, this is the way, and I’ll take you there” lol, so I have become accustomed to just telling my clients what to do. It is WAY easier for me, and them. I get what I need, and they get and feel taken care of.

You can’t spend your precious time trying to figure out how to do something you just don’t have a knack for, so find someone who does.

I wouldn’t be able to have an online advertising company if I didn’t have an amazing designer, an amazing coder, and a super citation team. I don’t have time to learn how to be a master coder or master designer, as well as a master advertiser.

I can’t even hang a mirror on the wall right, so I hire a handyman, and he gets paid to do what he is great at, lol. That is how we all work together.

You can’t try to do everything yourself, or you will end up with a half-assed dream, goal, or project that ends up just falling apart.

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