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Thomas J. Kane

Conquering Your Own Demons First

Conquering Your Own Demons First

This means that you need to conquer your own demons first before you try to conquer the ones in front of you.

It’s only through self-love and self-appreciation and a good understanding of valuing your own self-worth that you can eliminate the demons you face in the world, in business, and in relationships.

If you don’t love yourself, the world outside gets very hard to love, and as a result of your own negative thinking, you begin to believe that no one loves you. You push people that are close away and keep your distance. When in fact, it’s the total opposite. The world you see around you is a mirror of your inner reflection, and it bends based on your beliefs.

Your discomfort, thoughts, and feelings of being unloved become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you begin to truly work on improving your mindset, your health, and your wealth and get on the path to becoming the person you really want to be, the world around you starts to change.

You start to find out it wasn’t the world or other people that needed changing, it was you all along.

If you can think yourself into depression, then you can “think” your way into happiness.

The road going back up is much harder than the road going down, but it’s not going to happen unless you take that first step.

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