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Thomas J. Kane

Indecision Is A Prison And Its Foundation Is Fear

Indecision Is A Prison And Its Foundation Is Fear

People are afraid to quit their job even though they hate it, and they are afraid to quit their relationship even though most of the time they hate it. People are afraid to go to the gym because they are afraid of how they will look. They are afraid to take a yoga class because they think they might not be as good as the other people in the room. You are afraid to ask that girl or guy out because you are afraid they will say no or reject you.

Someone close to me who has been married for more than 10 years told me, “Marriage is a prison; don’t ever do it.” Marriage itself is not a prison; the prison is the one your mind creates for you through the fear you have over speaking up or acting on your own.

Indecision is a prison and its foundation is fear. The lack of the ability to make decisions can destroy a relationship or keep you in one you hate. The ability to make decisions and move on is one of the most powerful things you can learn in life.

Most people have no idea what kind of reality they are living in when they put themselves in prison on a daily basis. Your mind is the prison, and you are the jailer. Only you can set yourself free.

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