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Thomas J. Kane

Jealousy Is A Disease That Infects The Mind

Jealousy Is A Disease That Infects The Mind

Path To Light: patience, kindness, honesty, trust, forgiveness, understanding, empathy, love

Path To Dark: impatience, frustration, revenge, suspicion, fear, jealousy, anger, disgust, hate

Jealousy is a disease that infects the mind and as soon as it consumes the mind, it infects the heart until it propels the heart into suspicion, fear, doubt, anger, hate and like Master Yoda said, it eventually leads to suffering.

“Love leaves no room for jealousy and jealousy leaves no room for love. One hardly leaves room for the other.”

Jealousy will destroy your mind, your heart, and eventually your relationship, the people around you and ultimately yourself.

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