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Thomas J. Kane

Learning About Cryptocurrency

Learning About Cryptocurrency

For 6 years, I watched a friend of mine make millions in cryptocurrency investing (he started with $5,000); he was always trying to convince me to do it and I let myself get held back by the people who were like “it’s not real”, or “it won’t last”. I wish I hadn’t listened and instead made the jump over years ago.

Cryptocurrency, for those that don’t know, is digital cash. It’s a one-world common currency. People in the USA are probably 80% behind the times on knowing what it is due to the Gov. originally restricting its presence.

There are homeless people in China with cellphones with QR codes to accept bitcoin instead of cash from people on the street! That is how far behind America is on this. But not anymore, ?

It does make you wonder why there is suddenly a “coin shortage” worldwide, doesn’t it?

I think 5, probably 10 years from now, the kids becoming adults now will be asking “How many bits does that cost?” instead of “how many dollars does that cost?”

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