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Thomas J. Kane

Losers Are People Who Are Afraid Of Losing

Losers Are People Who Are Afraid Of Losing

Had a rough holiday season and some unfortunate circumstances made me want to let myself be ‘down and out’ starting out the New Year, to the point of making me afraid of being happy.

One of my favorite quotes… “If you expect everything to go as planned, then expect to be frustrated, upset, angry and pissed off the rest of your life.”

My favorite book in the world is Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communication (A Language of Life) – Amazing book helps you to understand yourself, people and the world around you so that you are never upset for long, and always see the brighter side of life, yourself, and other people.

Things aren’t always going to be easy, but how fast and how high you can bounce back from adversity is one of the key elements of being a successful and happy person.

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