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Thomas J. Kane

People In Greed Vs People In Need

People In Greed Vs People In Need

You become like the people you spend your time with, so be very mindful of who you decide to let into your life.

I have a bad habit of always letting the wrong people into my life, or thinking I can “help” someone out who needs it, but I just end up feeding energy-, time-, and money-sucking vampires. It’s been an uphill battle for me, but slowly I am getting to the point of saying no more often when I recognize “people in greed” vs. “people in need”.

People in “greed” put themselves in their position through lack of responsibility, financial recklessness, poor communication, and low personal accountability. For these kinds of people, the best thing to do is not to help them at all. It’s only through pit-bottom desperation that they will ever learn how to simply start helping themselves.

People in “need” would be more like… Your friend’s house caught fire. No idea why, and there was no insurance. They need a place to stay for a bit while they work fast to get back into a place of their own. It’s when they are in a negative position and didn’t get there due to the choices they made.

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