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Thomas J. Kane

Stop Playing Victim In Situations You’ve Created

Stop Playing Victim In Situations You've Created

There were times in my life when I felt pitiful. I was homeless twice, once at 23 and living in the park recovering from a party and drug ghetto lifestyle, thinking I was going to die. And at 33, again, when my business crashed, my girlfriend died, my truck got repossessed, I lost my second car in a wreck, both my homes, and it was all in 3 months.

But never once did I blame anyone but myself. I’ve felt sorry for myself plenty, but never once asked for, expected or manipulated anyone into feeling pity for me.

Most people who play the victim will want everyone else to believe that they are the victim. They will use lies, half-truths, exaggerations, and major crowd control to make sure that everyone is on their side. They are so blinded by their need for revenge or for being in the spotlight and being the innocent one that they can’t even see what’s really going on anymore.

The “I’m just the victim here!” mentality only ends up in suffering… to the person playing the victim. Karma comes around for everyone.

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