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Thomas J. Kane

Stop Talking About It And Start Doing It

Stop Talking About It And Start Doing It

It’s easy to talk about doing something. A lot of people love to talk about it. For about every 9 people talking about it, there is usually only 1 person actually doing it.

Being able to make decisions, and make them quickly, is one of the biggest steps on the road to success.

I knew a guy who used to work at the grocery store I worked at in 2005. He always talked about how he was gonna ‘make it big’ with his own company (small thing he had on the side) one day, always talking about how he wasn’t meant to work at a grocery store like the rest of us (arrogantly/condescendingly too) – he was one of those people who loathed my overly excessive positivity at work.

I left the grocery store to try a much more challenging job in sales… and 9 years later came back to buy some groceries on a visit to the area for a meeting… he was the supervisor on duty.

I had built a home business for myself and was living his dream.

He asked me how I was doing so I told him. He had nothing at all to say to me after, we shared a look at each other, and I walked out.

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