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Thomas J. Kane

When Someone Doesn’t Like You The Same Way

When Someone Doesn’t Like You The Same Way

It is extremely challenging not to feel sad, hurt, frustrated, lonely, or even angry when we start to realize the person we really desire to be with doesn’t share the same feelings for us as we do for them.

There is a quote that goes, “The power lies with the person who cares the least.”
This is because when we want something we can’t have, we feel powerless against the odds. It is especially painful when that person wants someone who is not you. It can cause a person to feel lacking and insignificant, and we, as humans, do not like to feel that way.

The best revenge is self-improvement. Get stronger, hotter, smarter, wealthier, wiser… Read books, go to the gym, take up yoga, get lost in turning yourself into something that your ex WISHED they had, then upgrade your standards and find someone far better.

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