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Thomas J. Kane

Your Body Is Your Investment

Your Body Is An Investment

If you don’t want to be 66 years old, needing extremely expensive living assistance (paid for by your poor kids most likely), barely able to walk and no longer able to run, and wearing diapers… you have to think about what goes into your body at some point, hopefully long before all that happens.

This man is 70 years old. He went on a hormone optimization, healthy eating and exercise plan for just 90 days through my friend’s personal training program. I also took the program 7 years ago.

The diet was like this:

– Large salad with one boiled egg for breakfast
– Berries or fruit for snack
– Large salad with 2 boils eggs for lunch
– Berries, oranges or watermelon for snack
– Large salad with 2 boiled eggs for dinner

Be stronger. Live longer.

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