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Thomas J. Kane

Don’t Let Negativity Run Rampant In Your Mind

Don't Let Negativity Run Rampant In Your Mind

I got to meet Muhammad Ali and shake his hand during a GoDaddy corporate Christmas party in Phoenix where Bob Parsons rented out the entire Chase field baseball stadium.

Since he was one of my childhood heroes, it was a super honor for me.

You have to be careful what you say, especially when it’s about yourself. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are weak, scared, dumb or ugly, or your life sucks, your job sucks, the people around you suck. then that is what your reality will be.

Most people don’t even see that the things they say and think are literally forming their reality. Tony Robbins said our lives are nothing but a ‘thought matrix’ and it’s true.

Have you ever had someone who didn’t like you for some certain reason, and since that first thought, every single other thought that goes through the person’s head in view of you turns you into a bad person no matter what you do? It’s because they have CHOSEN to only see what they want to see. They wake up with a narrow view and affirmations that tell themselves you are wrong or bad.

Sometimes we do this to others, we get so caught up in the rollercoaster of a negative viewpoint that we cannot even see anything else other than more things that support our original negative mindset, no matter how much good the other person does.

Don’t let negativity run rampant in your mind, stay in control of your words first, and then concentrate on changing your thoughts.

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